Tips on creating an ergonomic office

Tips on creating an ergonomic office

What is an ergonomic office?

An ergonomic office is one that assists workers to do their work without causing unnecessary injury, discomfort, fatigue, or physical stress. Office workers typically spend a lot of time sitting, looking at a monitor, and doing repetitive tasks which can cause permanent and long-term health problems if they’re performed awkwardly and/or

Why is an ergonomic office important?

Creating an environment that supports its workers is one way you can help keep your employees happy, healthy, and working at their best which in turn will benefit your business too.

Office furniture

Sometimes just some simple re-arranging of existing furniture and a few small purchases are all it takes to improve the ergonomic environment. Your office furniture should support good posture so that it’s not necessary to slump in a C shape to work. Even a small thing like slumping can impact breathing and blood flow.


Chairs should support the natural posture as well as being comfortable to sit in. A chair should be adjusted to a height that allows both feet to be flat on the floor. Position your chair close to your workstation or desk to avoid reaching and leaning.

Monitors and keyboards

Place your monitor in a position where you don’t need to crane your neck or tilt it forward. The top of your monitor should not be higher than eye level and should be at least an arm’s length away to avoid eye strain. To avoid unnecessary eye glare, do not place a computer monitor in front of a window or in front of a bright background.


Your desk should be at a suitable height to support the weight of your arms. It should be at a height that lets you use your mouse and keyboard while keeping your arms at or below a 90-degree angle.

Stand up desks have become a very popular piece of office furniture in recent years. For those who don’t wish to permanently stand, there are other options including sit/stand desks.

We can help you create an ergonomic office with suggestions and if required we have a wide range of office furniture to fit almost any office. We also supply office stationery and office supplies for your kitchen or janitors room to make sure your office is well-equipped.

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