5 Ways technology can make your office life easier

5 Ways technology can make your office life easier

Here’s how you can use technology to increase your productivity and make your office life easier.

  • Networking

Keep your staff connected. Networking is vital in a modern workplace and should be used to allow communication locally between 2 or more computers that use the same network. One simple solution is to use an ethernet cable to connect your computer to a router which allows all computers connected to it to share information. You can purchase computer accessories through us using our online shopping cart or visit our Gold Coast store for expert
advice and all your office needs.

  • Back up important data

Reliable and secure hard drives and data storage devices are an easy and compact way to store important data. Use data storage devices for permanent storage of files such as images, documents, and records. Storing media on a CD or DVD can eliminate the need to keep bulky hard copies of records and make finding data easy.

Computers can store a lot of information, which also means that if something goes wrong with it, you will lose more. If you take the time to perform frequent backups of any important data as a regular housekeeping task, you’ll be able to retrieve files even if something goes wrong with your computer.

  • One monitor or two?

There are some studies that indicate having 2 monitors can significantly improve productivity for certain types of tasks. If you or your employees need to multitask with a screen open to read or view while using a separate application to write or use as an editing tool consider a second monitor (screen) to make tasks easier.

The main disadvantage of having 2 monitors is of course the additional desk space that is required. In some cases, upgrading to a bigger or more practical desk and adding an additional monitor, can be well worth the small investment in increased productivity. Check out our range of office supplies and office furniture.

  • Labelling

Most offices accumulate paperwork, documents, and data storage devices which need to be kept. A labelling system allows you to sort and label frequently accessed items in storage such as folders, shelves, trays, filing cabinets, or storage media. Labelling will make it easy for all your office staff (and for you) to find what they need quickly and easily. At Ezi Office Supplies on the Gold Coast we have a wide range of labels and tapes in stock as well as DIY label printers and label makers.

  • Printers and hardware

Printers have become affordable enough and compact enough for small offices or home offices. Having your own printer saves you the trouble of having to take your printing to a third party whenever you need something printed. Printers, scanners, and fax machines all require paper and ink, with our convenient delivery service, keeping your printers and hardware ready to go is as simple as placing an order with us online or phoning our Gold
Coast store.